Shipping Policy

The shipping address, contact number, delivery date and time at check-out are final. Please check that your shipping details are correct before checking out.


Our delivery schedule is as follow:

All orders will be next day delivery upon order confirmation.

If you have a specific time and date apart from the above criteria, do let us know. We can always arrange a later delivery for you. 


To ensure that our Shibumi sorbets, sherbets and gelatos is delivered frozen, dry ice or ice-bags may be used to keep the Shibumi sorbets, sherbets and gelatos at a desired temperature during the delivery. As such, it is important that your shipping details are correct for a successful delivery as an unsuccessful delivery may compromise the quality of the Shibumi sorbets, sherbets and gelatos. Kindly make sure that someone is present and contactable to receive the order on the chosen delivery day.


In the event that no one is around to receive the Shibumi sorbets, sherbets and gelatos, we will call the customer to check if we can leave the Shibumi sorbets, sherbets and ice-creams with a neighbour or at the door. If the customer remains uncontactable, an admin & logistic fee of $18 will apply for a re-delivery. The same products packed for the customer will be re-delivered at an agreed date and time window, subject to availability, and the customer agrees to accept the condition as-is. 


Courier service is not as cheap as before. At Shibumi, we use only express delivery service (60 minutes pick and drop). As such, we can only absorb more shipping cost if the orders met at certain value. The following delivery fees apply:

  • Delivery fee $4 - for orders $70 and above
  • Delivery fee $8 - for orders $55 to $69.99
  • Delivery fee $12 - for orders $40 to $54.99
  • Delivery fee $15 - for orders below $39.99
  • Re-delivery fee - $15 for re-delivery of an unsuccessful delivery


A surcharge of $15 applies to deliveries in Secured Zone areas as follow. These surcharge are payable regardless of any ongoing delivery promotions (e.g. complimentary delivery).


Secured Zones

  • Airport Cargo Road
  • Airport Zone
  • ALPS Ave
  • Camps
  • Immigration Checkpoints
  • Construction Sites
  • Jurong Island
  • Jurong Port
  • Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
  • PSA Port
  • SATS, Aerospaces
  • Shipyard
  • Supply Bases

For more information on shipping and delivery (e.g. delivery days & time windows), please refer to our FAQ.

If you have any other questions in regards to your orders, please email us at